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When constructing a house, the architect and designer take care of the interior, but often the greenery is neglected.

Have you ever considered that investing millions of rupees in possessions can provide only momentary happiness?

Incorporating green design can bring lasting joy. Greenery not only beautifies your surroundings but also purifies the air,

benefiting both you and the environment. Trees and plants breathe life into your property,

aligning with your life-oriented values. Embrace the happiness and vitality that nature can bring.

With years of industry experience, we excel in providing top-notch Plantation Consultancy Services.

Our experts conduct thorough evaluations, considering climate and topography,

to recommend the most suitable plant varieties. Following in-depth research, we guide our clients in creating sustainable and

highly efficient landscapes using effective methodologies and premium tools.

Our plantation services are available at affordable prices, ensuring a greener, healthier future.

Sculpt your space perfectly with plantation india

At Plantation India, we envision leading the way to a world where the significance of green spaces is universally recognized. We aspire to be the forefront consultancy agency driving a global shift towards greener, healthier environments. Our vision is to create a lasting legacy of sustainable practices, leaving a positive imprint on the planet and inspiring a future where every establishment embraces eco-friendly solutions.


Plantation India: Your gateway to transforming your home into a verdant sanctuary. Let us guide you towards creating lush, sustainable green spaces within your abode, enriching lives one plant at a time.


Plantation India: Elevating your farmhouse oasis with expert guidance on sustainable plantation solutions. Let us help you cultivate a harmonious blend of nature and luxury on your estate.


Plantation India: Enhancing your workspace environment through strategic greenery solutions. Elevate productivity and well-being with our expert office plantation consultation services.

Sculpt Your Perfect Retreat

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Lawns & Turf

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Trees & Hedges

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Brick & Rockery

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Some of Our Work

Plantation India has served as a trusted advisor for greenery and plantation projects, partnering with notable organizations like Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur Police, and companies such as Rama Construction Pvt. Ltd., Vino Infratech Pvt. Ltd., and Chiron Metco Ltd. With over 50 lakh plants planted for Jabalpur Prashashan and numerous other successful projects, they’ve made a significant impact in promoting sustainable ecosystems. Additionally, they offer consultancy services to colleges, schools, farmhouses, townships, and individuals, contributing to a greener future.

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