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Water is life without water human being cannot exist. Nature has given us water in many form such as rains, oceans, rivers, ponds and well etc.2/3rd part of earth is water and only 1/3rd is land. According to scientists first ever living being was born in water only. In the same way human body is 70% water, water is found in fruits,  vegetables and outer bodies of other living being.

History says that all civilization was born in the banks of rivers. On ancestors realized the importance of water and worshipped river as god.We call rivers our mother some names of the rivers are mentioned in the marriage ceremony as witness. Rivers are our life line. We have irrigation projects hydroelectric projects and drinking water projects on the rivers only.
  But what is the fate of these rivers. We are sorry to say that we pulling all dirty things like sewage line, industrial garbage like anything. There should be a man protest against such act khan river in Indore has first become a stream of dirty water and garbage bin. Citizen of Indore are protesting and demanding in rescue of Khan River. But there is hardly any response. Even river Ganga is one of the most polluted rivers now. Just imagine!   Manu Smriti says-
Meaning: – We should not put excreta, blood and other poisonous articles in river water.
In order to keep Ganga water clean and holy we should not clean our latrines in it, clean our dirty clothes in it, throw dried flowers of puja in it, clean hair in it, do indecent acts in it, throw dirty clothes in it, fight in it and also we should not utter wrong mantras standing in it.
  These facts are very important; Our Rishis were foresighted and wrote these mantras as our guidelines. But unfortunately people do not know these facts. In one hand we worship Ganga and on the other hand do not bother to keep her dignity.   Walking at the banks of river previously used to be refreshing. Today go to a river bank it is fall of stinking water. The industrial waste and sewage liner has spoiled all rivers.   Talk about any river their water has not only gone at lower level but it has dried up and their powerful flow has lost the strength due to massive cutting of forests. From North to South all rivers are groaning in pain due to pollution and in place of beautiful waves only big sand dunes are visible.   Almost all ground level water resources are driedup. The underground water level has also gone all time low. Hence in order to control Water, Air and Sound pollution we should adopt low cost solution of PLANTATION and save our trees. We should plant water friendly trees like Jamun, Kadam, Safeda etc. We should do Mount Planting with the water coming from home, sugar factory,sweet factory etc.   According to the report of WHO, water is the main source of many diseases such as Dysentery, worms, liver problem, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis etc. It is the cause of 8% of the total death occurred in the world.   In almost all living beings including humans 70% to 75% is water. If water is polluted it is dangerous for us. Western people understand this and that is why they are so particular about drinking water and cleanliness.   The lack of awareness in india causes 30%-40% death due to waterborne diseases.   The solution to this is to pure water not only by machines but by natural way and that is PLANTATION.   It is high time that we all find some remedy to the problem and join hands together to save the nature. We must plant plants like Jamun,Kadamb, Palash, Karanj, Arjun, Babool etc. which store lots of water.

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