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Devaashrya Dhoop Yagya Havan Samagri.

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Indore siyaganj branch.

Indore Madhya Pradesh - 452001.


  Everyone has the right to eat good, and easily available food. Good means fresh and nutritional and clean food.  
Clean means grown in an unpolluted way and also cleanly cooked. Easily available means food which is available to every one even to the poorest of the poor.   In this Earth only green vegetables can produce their own food. Human being is also dependent on vegetation and animals for their food. Human being and other animals all are dependent on vegetation.   There are approximately 3 lakhs varieties of plants and trees in which we could only study 30,000 plants. Only 3000 plants and trees have been studies thoroughly. Whatever we eat comes from 20 types of plants. Seventy five percent of our food is wheat, rice and corn, but in ancient time more varieties of crops were available for food. Our ancestors used 1500 – 2000 varieties of crops, as we advanced in the field of agriculture number of crops decreased.   That means we are using a very very small part of our wealth from a large varieties of vegetation and animals which are provided by nature.   Now a days we get all types of vegetables and fruits throughout the year. They are all stored with lots of pesticides.  Farmers also use heavy dose of pesticides. Sometimes we see that our vegetables become extra green. These are all effects of insecticides.   These insecticides affects nervous system and causes cancer. Insecticides is found in the imported fruits from America and China. But when we export our food articles it is scrutinized very strictly. This proves that our Government is not aware of the health of her people.   Green Revolution started in our country in 1963. But still one billion children live in acute poverty. That means green revolution did not solve the problem of poverty in India.   Malnutrition is a major problem in world . Number of malnourished persons have gone upto 1 arab. There is high food inflation and often there are riots for food grains.   To prevent from mal-use of food grains and to protect from waste of food grains proper and lawful distribution is needed.   If the waste of food grain and left over is diverted to the needy countries there will be a balance in distribution.  United Nations food and agriculture Organisation should take necessary steps and stop waste.   In our country we always put stress on good vegetarian food. Our sages have said that food has a deep connection with our mental status. If we take good and organic food our mind will be also good and healthy. Pollution,  insecticides pesticides and chemical fertilizers have spoiled the atmosphere. We must go back to our original organic method of farming.   Since ancient times cow has always remain the basis of Rishi-Sanskriti and Krishi-sanskriti. Cow has been treated as Mother Godess in Hindu religion and is treated as a family member. The Gobar and Gau-Mutra is the best source of organic farming in many ways. It can be used as a fertilizer in farming and you can use Gobar Gas for cooking food,  this way you will produce and cook pure organic food. Cow also brings positive energy in the house.   We must eat freshly cooked food in a clean place. If we use our discretionary power surely we will have good health and less waste of food and less left overs is desirable. Above all proper management of our natural resources should be our motto

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