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Aroma Plant

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Aroma Plant

Flowers attracts us tremendously, actually they have the capacity to attract all our five senses.


Flowers attracts our eyes from their beauty, the essence of flower attracts sense of smell and their composite nature, attracts our heart and mind, and on the other hand some flowers attracts our taste buds due to their flavour and the beautiful humming sound coming from the black bee attracts our sense of hearing.



It can cure many diseases. Rose (Rosa sericea), Kadamb (anthocephalus cadamba miq), Din ka raja (cestrum diuranum linn), Rat ki rani (cestrum nocturnum linn) are few of the many flowers to be treated as medicinal plants.


Flowers have two qualities, beauty and aroma. When we see a beautiful flower we forget everything and our mind and body forgets all tensions. It increases our longevity. The Aroma of flower helps to cure many disease, mind becomes peaceful and brain becomes cool. In olden days women used ornaments of flowers.


From the neolithic age use of aromatic vegetation in medicine and food was started. Aromatic plants were lit before worshiping God. Aroma was extensively used in Rome, Greece(Yunan), China, India, Egypt, Tibbet.


During Rigvedic period Yagna was performed in evening time each day. 2000 B.C. Vedic literature has a description of dal-chini(cinnamon), adrak(ginger), mur, chandan(sandal wood) and 700 more aromatic & therapeutic articles which were used in Yagna.


Treatment with medicinal plant is mentioned in Atharva Veda. It is proved that massage with medicinal oils was prevalent in India during 5000 B.C. Sirodhara of Kerala is a form of such treatment. Archeologists have found scent containers of 3000 B.C. which means that perfumer were used along with medicinal plants for therapy.


In Egypt aromatic wines were in use even in 4500 A.D. Cumin Seeds (Kala-Jira), Coriander (Dhania), Fennel (saunf) were used in preparation of food. It helps in digestion. Sandal Wood Paste makes you brain cool. Sherbat of Gulab makes you cool in scorching heat. Priests of Egypt were very expert and people all over the world learnt from them. For instance Juniper helps in urination cyprus clots the blood. All spices, we use like long Nutmeg (jaifal), Camphor (kapur) etc. were discovered in Arab Countries.


Aroma of flower attracts not only insects but also human beings. Aroma helps insects to reach their favourite flower. Infact have very strong sense of aroma, they can smell aromas which we cannot smell. Aroma of flower comes from evaporating oil which is known as turpentine. Also simple alcohol, kiton and some aster gives aroma of flower. Flower of lemon contains linolin and jirenial in rose and jiranium. World famous Vanika comes from Vaniten, Champa from Pentadiken. Many times aroma of flower is the mixture of many chemicals elements.


Aroma has a direct effect on the mind of a person it helps in developing confidence. Aroma brings positive energy to the surroundings thus brings not only happiness but also helps in keeping once mental health in strong condition.


Thus it is highly recommended that one should grow AROMA PLANTS in their surroundings whether office, home, farm house, school – colleges etc.



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