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Mental Pollution

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Mental Pollution

In countries that have emitted carbon dioxide, India is number one after the US and China. The entire environment, in which earth, water, air, soil, sound, light everything has become polluted, where the animals, plants and plants are becoming extinct, many diseases are surrounded by humans. Does not man have the right to live a healthy life? Nutritive foods are the basic right of all humans. Is this all available to us? The chemicals causing cancer, heart disease, kidneys, liver, eyes, brain, and sexual capacity are being found in these foods. The first issue in human rights comes from the fact that humans have the facilities and the environment to live a healthy and superior life.


What is Mental Pollution?


With this, it is learned that 40 percent Indians are tensed. Not only this, there are some traits of understanding stressed, like; they start to get annoyed at the talk. They are not interested in anything. The things that used to show affection before, it starts decreasing with time. They are mostly drowned in laziness. They forget about themselves and things around. Nearly 13 million Indians have been victims of this disease by 40 percent. It is important to understand why so many people suffer from this disease and what is the treatment of this disease eventually?  Criminalization of politics is responsible for these situations. A study by Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar has revealed that 70 percent of the youth of Punjab consumed alcohol or drugs. The situation of different places can be different, but there is no doubt that in recent times, the problem of various types of addiction has increased rapidly, consumption of per capita liquor is highest in Punjab. In 2009-10, 29 million bottles of alcohol were consumed in Punjab. Illegal liquor and liquor from outside are different from this. This is only one aspect of criminalization of politics. Having criminalization of politics has created a lot of excitement for criminals. When Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Brahma Samaj in 1928, he pioneered the practice of cleanliness in the Indian society. Their main mission was to end the practice of Sati, the end of false customs and prevention of child marriage. When Gandhi arrived in the twentieth century, cleanliness was no ordinary job. Gandhiji was the leader of the revolution and movement. With the arms of truth and non-violence, attempt to make deception, falsehood, and society clean by violence in society. Not only this, Gandhi also gave the idea of ​​washing the dirt off the mind. Explaining the difference of a good idea and a bad idea.In this period, Gandhi extended the extra hygiene, discrimination and forwarded all programs for unity among all the Indians.  Only trees produce oxygen in the world. Oxygen is decreasing due to low tree and carbon dioxide cannot be absorbed. Because of which they are unable to breathe correctly. Our body’s metabolism activity gets disturbed when oxygen is low. By which mental pollution is rising at home and outside the home, which is a serious threat to society. With the contamination of human body and mind, its side effects can be on others. The same way the universe will look like. In the place of social mood prevalence, there has been a downfall in the individual borders and the degree of generosity has decreased. Man benefited from the generosity of nature. But what in return did man return to nature?

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