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365 Days of flowering ambience

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Devaashrya Dhoop Yagya Havan Samagri.

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Indore siyaganj branch.

Indore Madhya Pradesh - 452001.

365 Days of flowering ambience

  • We will provide you with extraordinary verity of plants/trees which will make your surrounding look beautiful and peaceful 365 days.
  • Since we study the site thoroughly, and then make a proposal, our proficiency is unmatchable.
  • We guarantee your campus will be flowering the whole year with plants which are magnificent and are on a verge of extinction.
  • Good surrounding aids your mind to relax, be calm and achieve excellence.
Plantation according to Astrological needs & requirements:  
  • Astrology is the way to see beyond time and it reflects on the events to be held in future on the basis of the last birth. Trees and plants are associated with astrology since a long time. It purifies the environment and gives financial security to the owner of the tree by producing flowers, fruits and petals that is why it is said that the person who loves the nature, plants the tree and preserve them can never be poor.“life is deeply connected to nature”.
  • Our experts will do a detailed study of your Horoscope and then will provide you with astrological solutions to your problems.
  • We will advice you on diversified areas of your life like Finance, health issues, Domestic issues, Career related issues, Business, Personal well-being, etc.
  • This includes your Rashi Plants, Planet Plants and Nakshatra Plants.
  • According to the planetary positions, which plant should be planted and where.
Plantation in accordance with Vastu-Shastra:  
  • Vastu Shastra is related to the land usage and building construction. In this art form ‘Brahma Sthan” is very important and according to that it is decided, what precautions should be taken at the time of construction because faulty construction leads to many physical and mental diseases which is called “Vastu-dosh”.
  • Trees and plants are used to cure vastu-dosh, this shastra also says, which tree should be planted at the boundary of the land or which tree should be planted in which direction.
  • This knowledge can be taken from India literature.
  • Planting different trees in eight directions of the land.
  • Every direction has it’s own trees according to the ancient Vastu-Shastra.
  • A fault in the construction can be taken care off through planting the right tree in the right direction of the land.
  • For example- Tulsi should be plated in the north-east side, this will bring Happiness and Prosperity as per the Ancient Shastra.
  • We will provide you with our expertise on this subject and will plan the plantation/landscaping conferring to this.
Plantation taking into consideration surrounding factors:  
  • Terrain
  • Topography
  • Soil qualities
  • Prevailing winds
  • Depth of the frost line
  • The system of native flora and fauna
  • Species of Plants from the particular region
  • For example- Hingot, Amta, Keolar, etc are the regional trees of M.P.

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