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Mythological Plant

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Mythological Plant

Our religion considers trees as our offsprings. As we bring up our children we must also nurture plants. (Mahabharata Anu Parva-58\31)


 It is not only in Hinduism it is found in every religion. Sikhism has told its followers to coexist with the nature, coexist with all human beings. True joy is in community life. Paigamber Mohammad of Muslims advised his followers to save nature, “Allah has gifted us trees plants and water but they are limited in quantity. We must use it intelligently and not waste.

” Bisnoi community’s Amrita Devi with her 363 followers dedicated their lives for trees, her contribution to nature is very rare in the history of the world.


For the worship, yagna-havan, tantra sadhana we need special type of wood, leaves, flower and fruit. This we get from trees related to navagraha (nine planets). Vedic sages always mention trees and plants in their shanti patha; because they consider plants and trees as living (chetan).



We have a long tradition of plantation of tree and worshipping a tree.

The cluster of five types of holy trees is known as panchavati. Panchavati consist of awala, ashok, vilwa, bargad (banyan) and pipal (ashwtha). These trees trees are considered as holy looking into their contribution to environment. They are known as dev-vriksha (tree of God). Our sages have meditated and performed their sadhana under panchvati. Bhagwan Sri Rama also made his cottage adjacent to panchavati and performed sadhana. Gram panchayat choupala is also under panchavati. Holy trees and pure environment helps panchayat to make fair judgment, Panch parmeshwar’s decision were never wrong and always impartial and acceptable to all. It is not only known for religious environment or medicinal value it has special astrological value also. Panchavati is of two types laghu (small) and vrihad (large). In vrihad Panchavati trees are planted in specific directions. In Indian culture all Gods and Goddesses are related to a particular tree:-


  • Ashoka – Indra, Vishnu, Buddha, Surya etc.
  • Pipal (ashwatha) – Krishna, Vishnu, Laxmi
  • Tulsi – Ram Vishnu, Krishna and Jagannath
  • Bat (Banyan) – Brahma, Shiva, Kuber
  • Bilwa – Shiva, Durga, Surya

Main Mythological Plants and Flowers:

    • Ashoka
    • Bargad or bat (banyan Tree)
    • Chandan (Sandalwood)
    • Cocoanut
    • Anwala
    • Shami
    • Tulsi
    • Pan (Betel leaf)
    • Bamboo
    • Kalpa Briksha (Indisonia Digitet)
    • Som


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