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Integrated Healing

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Integrated Healing


Health is the science of holistic life. So it does not only meditate on the body, but also thinks at the level of mind and soul. For this reason the body, mind and soul Рthese three are the objects of Ayurveda, on which basis the three-way therapies, Satvavajayya and Divya Pyaarsha have been established. This trilateral approach gives totality to the concept of Ayurveda. The real happiness of a man can be only on the happiness of the body, mind and soul. Due to this, Ayurveda is considered as a means of mingled happiness, besides being a means of salvation. TriadSiddhantha suffers the overall view of Ayurveda. In all limbs, these defects are spreading and conducting their prakruti actions and when they become distorted they produce diverse symptoms from preference distinctions. Therefore Ayurveda medicine is carried out keeping in mind the entire body-mind, not by the department of separate organs.Self-power is very important for prevention and restraint. The soul communicates power in the body parts. The soul is the cause of life itself. Its power is found by Sattva Bhav. Work, anger, attachment, lobbying have increased in Kaliyug(today’s age). According to Ayurveda, such misdeeds cause many diseases due to the uncertainty of mind. Integrity, concentration, etc. thoughts calm down the mind and communicate the power of the soul. I have taken the methods of prevention from self-determination from Atharvaveda and have experienced that ordinary mantras can be useful in modern life.


This science of medicine was also linked to the constellations. Proper Muhurta(fixed time period) was used to bring about the drug, coding, and experimentation for all-round effect. In Charak Code, there are 300 types of botanical, 177 types of biochemical, 64 types of metallic-chemical, and Sushruta Samhita, 385 vegetative, 57 biochemical and 64 meta-based chemical medicines. Apart from this many texts are used to describe the use of many beads also for the release of disease. Flame test (A A E AE EEA) is India’s significant achievement in many experiments related to chemical ‘flame test’. It was used for poisoning in Charak Code. (Charaka 23: 10 9) Details of testing of metals are described in Rasnava. (Rasarnav 4: 4 9: 52 and 6: 4: 6)


A question arises on the role of triad-balance in keeping the basic structure and health of the human being – Where does the principle of triangulation go when the epidemic spreads? In this context, Ayurveda has explained that, “Although in the case of physical structure etc., people are very different from each other, but there are some similar factors in society, in which there is a similarity of similar symptoms of imbalance due to imbalance Diseases arise and destroy a large number of humans. There are similar factors found in the entire community – air, water, space and time. The flaws in the air can be: – unseasoned, excessive moisture, fast, rigid, cold, hot, cold, constrained, fierce, excessive collision, whistling, vaporized, crispy , Full of dust and smoke. Water becomes faulty when its odor, color, taste and touch change or soil mixes in it.


In this situation, aquatic birds and other aquatic animals leave or lose them. The place gets damaged when the natural color, odor, taste and touch are greatly worsened, or excessive moisture in it, reptiles, violent animals, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, flies, rats, owls, vultures, jackals become more . Crops fall or get destroyed after drying. There is smoke in the air, birds or dogs and other animals of different kinds make upset and unhappy voices.. The sun, the moon and the stars look blurry, white, or dull for the color, like copper. Time is considered bad when it starts appearing against the season, extreme or lack of symptoms.


Certain particles are the essence of metals. From the description of Charaka, it seems that they are the life force of a person. Like bees grow and collect honey by sucking juice from the fruit, in the same way, the organs produce these from their activities. Kangor is due to exercise, fasting, anxiety, curt, short and limited diet, air and sun, fear, sadness, unhealthy drinks, awakening, excessive phlegm, blood, and other types of immersion, senescence and shortage of injury.These particles prevents the body from becoming impaired, destroyed and diseased. Oz can be called Vitality & Immunity in modern medicine.


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