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Where and Why to Plantation

Where and Why to Plantation

Plants provide so many benefits to our health and well-being, they’re also a great addition to schools and other educational facilities. This is because like offices and hospitals, stress levels often tend to run high in schools, and sickness bugs are easy spread from person to person due to increased close contact.


1)  School:

In both children and adults, the presence of plants tends to improve health, mood, performance and activity across the board. Many studies show the positive effects of bringing nature in schools. – Plants in classrooms improve performance and lower feelings of discomfort in university students.


2)  College and university:

Plants have always had the greatest impact on students in the room that was void of other natural elements in a college. Student attentiveness is increased by 70 percent in lecture halls that had plants.Plants such as aloe around promotes a sense of optimism and well-being.


3) Farm house

Planting and managing trees doesn’t have to be that daunting, and planting trees on our farm can actually bring a wealth of benefits, regardless of the farming system. It will also increase the aesthetic appeal of the farm house. It becomes the home of beautiful migratory birds and insects.


4) Hotel

Every hotel has a specific ambience that is created by the room’s decor, furniture, and color scheme. The colors, tones, textures, and embellishments all tell a story and actually send a message about the hotel to guests and employees. But there is one addition that is not often utilized to its full potential — live plants.They can be the center of attention like a large scale green wall or tall palm trees. Plants can also be used to compliment a small area like in the corner of a sitting area in the lobby or on the welcome desk.


5) Township

As much as any other decor item, plants contribute to the overall look and feel of the township. Plants and containers come in many sizes, shapes, and colors that will compliment and enhance the area of the township. It will not appear to be a concrete jungle rather a place with life.


6) Hospitals

Plants help to remove the dust and bacteria and also remove toxins from the air and make it purer to breathe. This makes them a great addition to hospitals, doctors surgeries, and any clinical environments where people are unwell and may be especially vulnerable to the adverse effects they can cause.


7) Mandap

The mandap in Hindu weddings is the central element of the wedding decorations. The wedding mandap is decked in celebratory colors for the prosperity of the bride and groom. There are splashes of red and yellow from the flower garlands and thorans, silks, turmeric and kumkum and the staple green from the banana leaves, betel leaves and mango leaves. The mandap is designed to remind the bride and groom and their family members of the happiness in nature’s bounty.


8) Industries

To balance the toxic chemical emissions from the industries and purify the degradation for which the industries and factories are responsible suitable plantations of trees and plants is inevitable. They absorb the harmful chemicals and cleanse the atmosphere.


9) Highways

Planting of trees along the highway which has many lanes helps to absorb the polluted air.it also creates an aesthetic feeling for the tired drivers who have been driving for a long time. It acts as a barrier to the glaring headlights of the vehicles from the opposite side. It creates a very pleasing visual impact.


10) Shamshans

The departed soul is put to rest in a grave yard. As per the Hindu religion the departed soul is placed on a pyre and lighted. Plantations bring in lot of peace and positivity. And for the departed soul to rest in peace and to comfort the bereaving family of the dead person greenery is a must.


11) Terrace garden

The idea of having a terrace garden has gained momentum in the congested concrete jungle culture of the modern world. The plantation in the terrace absorbs all the heat and sound that attacks the building. It becomes a habitat of many variety of tired birds. It also becomes a perfect place to perform early morning physical exercise and breathe in lots of fresh air.


12) Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden is a device to grow vegetables on a small plot of land. It is delightful hobby and can be pursued at homes. Develop a taste for kitchen gardening and it will stay in one’s life.


The importance of a kitchen garden is great and manifold. A kitchen garden ensures an inexpensive, regular and handy supply of fresh vegetables which are basic to nutrition. The green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which protect us against diseases. Lack of vegetables, particularly the green leafy vegetables, leads o malnutrition which causes diseases like anaemia and night-blindness. Dark green leafy vegetables such as Palak and brown vegetables like carrots prevent blinding malnutrition. It is also an inexpensive way of growing vegetables for the lesser income groups.


13) Temples

Every temple has a sthala vriksha.They are used for religious purpose and medical purposes and also provides shade and peace to the devotees.The different types of trees planted in the vicinity of the temple provides fruits flowers and solace to the pilgrims. Each temple has a sthala vriksha according to the purana of the temple.The precence of greenery transforms the place of worship into the abode of God.

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