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Plantation for Corporates

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Plantation for Corporates

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Trees can make a city sidewalk prettier, sure. But that’s not even their best trick. A growing pile of research suggests that planting more urban trees, if done right, could save tens of thousands of lives around the world each year — by soaking up pollution and cooling down deadly heat waves. A well-targeted tree campaign could be of the smartest investments a corporate house can make in a hot, polluted city like ours.

They can also retain storm water, boost real estate values, and may even have important mental-health benefits. PLUS TREES LOOL NICE.


Corporate social responsibility or CSR, refers to the policies established and efforts taken by businesses to affect a positive impact on their local communities and the planet as a whole.


The corporates must undertake plantation of trees as one of their responsibility to the community and the society in which they are thriving. A small amount of their revenue should be invested in restoring the greenery on the planet. When all the big and small business houses join hands in this noble task definitely the coming generations would not be compelled to live in a desert.


Environmental protection is one of the main pillars of our corporate philosophy.


Role of Government in Plantation

If the government is serious about conservation and protection of environment it has to The T to plant more trees. The National Forest Policy aims and emphasizes at maintaining 33% of the country’s geographical area under forest and green cover.The respective state governments have already initiated plantation spree to increase the greenery coverage.The Indian government is trying to increase forest areas that are close to human settlement and have been degraded over the years due to human activities needed to be afforested. Trees were to be planted in and around agricultural fields.


A movement has been started called “”Plant a Tree Challenge”” which creates a sense among people to come and participate and take every occasion to Plant a Tree as is their own responsibility’GOVERNMENT LED AFFORESTATION MEASURES WILL DEFINETELY CONTRIBUTE TO RESTABILISE THE ECOLOG



Commercial plantation means different things to different people. Essentially however, it is the incorporation of commercial tree growing into farming systems. It can take many forms, including timber belts, alleys and widespread tree plantings. Indulging in commercial plantation can provide farmers with an alternative source of income. It can improve agricultural production by providing shelter for stock and crops and can provide substantial environmental benefits such as salinity Moreover, if carefully designed and managed, commercial plantations can provide many of the same benefits as natural forests. These include improved water flow, habitat for plants and animals, and jobs, income and wood resources for people


Individuals’ contribution to plantations

Everyone human being must vouch to protect environment and lend a helping hand to the government to restore the greenery on this planet. From ages we have been taught that trees heal the polluted environment.it supplies oxygen. It conserves energy. It prevents soil erosin,provides timber n food.it provides habitat to animal life. Hence people should realise trees are very important to improve living conditions.


The engineers and architects who design and raise buildings, should not turn it into concrete jungles, neglecting greenery. Instead a beautiful landscape with lot of trees should be designed which will make it more live.






Environmentalist believes strongly that tree-planting can and will make a valuable contribution to the fight against global climate change, as well as providing a host of wider environmental and socio-economic benefits.Planting trees is hugely beneficial to the world in the face of accelerating climate change.


As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), the main ‘greenhouse gas’ responsible for global warming, thereby reducing the concentration of this gas in the atmosphere. Forests are referred to as ‘carbon sinks’ for this function of CO2 absorption and storage.







In organic farming natural materials are used. It lays emphasis on soil fertility and plant health. The idea is, ‘the healthier the soil (which includes the health of all the soil organisms such as worms and the microorganisms), the healthier the plant’. In this type of farming, agrochemicals like pesticides and fertilisers are not used, thus the product is pesticide-free.


The chemical fertilizers used leaves a toxic residue on the soil which affects its fertility in the long run. On the contrary organic farming uses natural fertilizers that does not have any harmful effect on the soil.

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