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Environmental Consultancy Services

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Environmental Consultancy Services

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Increasing pollution is one of the biggest problems of the present time, which is growing rapidly in modern and technologically advanced society. With this problem the entire world is aware and worried. The environment in which man is living due to pollution is getting worse every day.If it has to endure extreme heat, it is too cold. Not only that, all living beings are also facing different kinds of diseases. Nature and its environment are pure, clean and health-enhancing for all living beings, but for some reason if it gets polluted then it creates different types of problems for all living beings present in the environment.

As human civilization is evolving, then the amount of pollution is increasing in the environment. Man’s activity and lifestyle are largely responsible for increasing it. Along with the development of civilization, man has made many new inventions, which has increased the trend of industrialization and urbanization.


Due to population growth, man is harvesting forests day by day and occupying land for cultivation and home. Chemical fertilizers are being used for the supply of food, which is not only polluting the land but also the water. Sound and air are polluted due to the use of various innovative modes of commuting.


Considering, the main reason for pollution growth is the unwanted activities of human being, which is making the earth a pile of waste, while tapping the natural resources indiscriminately. Water, air and land being polluted due to the throwing of garbage in and around, which are harmful to the health of the whole world.


There are many types of environmental pollution-


Land pollution

The land provides the basis for living all living beings. This is not untouched by pollution. Due to the increase in population, the place of living of human being is decreasing, so that he is harvesting the forest and fulfilling his needs. Continuous harvesting of forests is not only increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the amount of oxygen is decreasing, but the balance of the living organisms is also deteriorating.

Trees save the upper layer of land from the strong wind and avoid flowing in the water and the land remains fertile. The possibility of land becoming barren and desert becomes increasingly due to continuous harvesting of trees. Thus deforestation worsens the balance of nature. Changes in nature’s balance are the main reasons for this environmental pollution. Population growth has also increased the demand for grains.


Farmers use chemical fertilizers for excessive harvesting and also to protect pests from insects, which contaminate the soil. Underground water is being heavily exploited and the pile of waste is being scattered here. Apart from underground water, excessive exploitation of mineral substances present in the land results in problems of landslides.


Plastic is not degradable in the form of garbage. The place where there is excessive amounts, there is not a proper increase in the trees and plants, which contribute to the contamination of the land. In the technological age modern humans have invented many new weapons so that the enemy can be easily destroyed. By using these weapons in battle, many people are killed in the battleground, as well as in the surrounding areas, living organisms are killed, making the land polluted.


Control of Environmental Pollution

In order to get control of environmental pollution, population growth must be prevented first, so that there is no deforestation for housing. In order to increase the production of food items, organic fertilizers should be used in place of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The garbage will have to be reused, which will prevent this earth from becoming a pile of waste.

The dirty water coming out of the factories will not be thrown directly into the river basin, cleaning them and excusing them in the rivers. Different means of traffic must be used with awareness. The horn should not be used unnecessarily, when it is not necessary to close the engine and check the car’s silencer regularly, so that the excessive exposure to the smoke can be controlled.


Industrialists will have to leave their selfish interests to chimneys of industries and industries will have to follow the rules of pollution control. Violent activities have to be banned. The most important thing is that people need to be aware of providing complete information regarding the environment, and then control of pollution can be found.

To make the common people aware, they need to give detailed information about the problems of the environment and its problems when it is polluted. To make people aware, they have to be educated in their attractive way through entertainment. This work will be done by all the people of the earth, so that we can prevent our environment from being polluted, which provides us the basis for living. High noise vehicles will have to be banned.

No matter what the pollution is, there is harm to the root cause in addition to humans and all living beings in every situation.


Measures to Prevent Environment Pollution

The problem of pollution can be solved only by environmental protection. If we make our environment vulnerable then who will protect us?

If we do not churn today on this problem, then nature will take a very serious step to set balance, and we have to face the dire consequences of pollution. To avoid pollution, we need to plant more trees. Avoiding the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources present in nature. We have to avoid using plastic things. The garbage will not have to be thrown around here.


Efforts should be taken to preserve the underground water while accumulating rain water. Apart from gasoline, diesel, electricity, we also have to find alternative energy from other sources of energy. The use of solar energy and wind power will be emphasized. Needless and unnecessary sounds have to be stopped. Regular new experiments and tests are being done in the field of technology.


We have to develop such technology, which will not spread pollution through the means of traffic. The most important thing is that we humans have to put positive thinking in order to save our planet and selflessly work to avoid environmental pollution. We have to work with this goal in mind that we are protecting ourselves, our family, our country and this earth.

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