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Devaashrya Dhoop Yagya Havan Samagri.

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Indore siyaganj branch.

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  Usually we are in the habit of throwing things which are not useful to us. We keep our houses spotless clean and throw trash outside. These thrown trash and rejected articles of our homes makes our  surroundings extremely dirty and fill our environment with pollution.   Research on this subject has proved that in big cities there is a huge disposal of trash articles which has taken up pollution level to a very alarming point. It leads to asthma problem. In capital Delhi a study shows that pollution inside home is 60% more then pollution outside. While sweeping housewives breath enough dust to congest their lungs.   Domestic articles like Deo, detergent powder, lime, paint, varnish cosmetics, synthetic clothes, cement insecticides, Agarbathi, mosquito repellent agarbatti and expired medicines has tremendous bad effect on our health.   In the whole world domestic electronic equipments are the greatest threat. Most dangerous is the vacuum cleaner then microwave oven, T.V., Computer PSPO the gaming consol of children, air conditioner, fridge modern electronic cars. Radiation from all above mentioned have harmful effect on human bodies.   Curtains, carpets, sofas, decorative roofs of made of plaster of paris, old books contains dust which causes illness indirectly. The decorative flowers made of plastic is good for decoration only it dosent spread aroma. One should adopt the practice of using fresh flowers. Bela, Mogra, Chameli, Juhi, Rajnigandha, Kewda, and aroma of rose will provide peace of mind but also keep your house aromatic.   Magnetic electronic current is produced around and screen of computer release ultra violet ray which causes skin Cancer. Research if done by National Foundation in America has revealed that too much use of computer has caused brain Cancer and abortions too.   City garbage consists of not only metals, glass, ceramics pieces and thrown out electronic articles, but also garbages of hospitals and nursing homes, market places, hatcheries, tanneries, hotels and butchery. Hospital garbage consists of chemicals carbonic articles, rubber gloves and other rubber articles, plastic and glass containers, aluminium caps, needles etc. These are all non degradable articles and if not disposed off properly create pollution in land pollution  water and air it can. If they are disposed off in sea it can create disbalance in the marine atmosphere and condition.   In a poor country like India poor people are constantly using plastic goods because it is cheap and unbreakable.  Disposal of plastic is also not done properly. It is put to fire with other articles which produces mono oxide dioxygen and furon gas. These are dangerous gas leading to asthma and Cancer also.   More than 20 Cr. ton plastics are used in whole world and it is increasing 5% every year. Every year all over the  world 500 arab plastic bags are used and thrown in to garbage. This chokes the drainage and sewage system as a result in raining season cities are flooded.   Plastic is not organically perishable and it is resistant to natural degradation. It will remain in the nature for  thousands and thousands years and when it degrades finally it leaves behind poisonous chemicals which pollutes our land, water and rivers. It spoils the under ground water also.   Modern civilisation endangered our existence by taking us way from nature. In this market based competitive  economy human being is just a consumer without any human values. It is an alarming state of affair.   House which are locked for a long time remains full of dust and pests. People get depressed when they enter such houses. Negative energy engulfs this type of house and residents of such house is will always remain ill and filled of tensions. The growth and development of children will always get affected by staying in such houses.   PLANTATION is the best way to get rid of all home pollution, it will provide positive impact on the mind of human beings. Creating beautiful garden in your surrounding will not only make positive atmosphere for the residants but the residants will also make sure to keep their surrounding clean in order to maintain the beauty. The fresh will get rid of the bad odour coming out of home trash  and will keep your mind healthy and active.

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