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Human being is caught in the mad rush. Mad rush for accumulating wealth for happiness and physical comfort.  In this rush he is exploiting all natural resources like land, water, forest etc.


Technical and industrial development has created a gross imbalance in the environment. No one is bothered for quality of life. Flood, draught, earthquakes, desert, acid rains, hole in the ozone are very serious problems that has occured due to imbalance in the environment or environment pollution. As we are developing ourselves, we are forgetting about the most important aspect of life i.e. NATURE. This has created an imbalance or pollution in the environment.

Environment pollution is such a dangerous state that destroys the flora and fauna of nature. Everything like air, water, land undergoes physical chemical and biological change in the state. It affects all living beings and trees and plants.


Out of 90 permanent elements more than 50 are minerals of which some are essential for our biological process. Modernisation has exposed us to all categories of minerals. For instance industrial garbage goes into the rivers, ponds and our ocean. It produces poisonous gas and pollutes air. From air it enters in our bodies. In this way led, mercury, chromium, manganese, zinc berilium, radium, arsenic also causes different disease.


In ayurveda also there is a mention of pollution of air, water and atmosphere and in Susruta Samhita preventive measures are mentioned.


In the 21st century human being has totally changed their lifestyle. In this race of development we have lost many things. We have acquired physical comfort but have lost social, moral religious and family values. Our habits have changed. We are highly qualified but not properly educated.


In the last 10 years the number of two wheelers and four wheelers have rose three times. India’s total carbon diffusion is seven crore tons. To neutralize the impact of this carbon we must have 30 crore hectare forest this is 90 percent of our total land.Modern life style has given us pollution. To control it, Government administration , NGOs all should come together and find solution.


Pollution Controlling trees:- Jay Mangal, Jait, Jodarli, putrangjeeba, barna, rohan, khamair etc.


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