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Pollution Types and Solutions

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Pollution Types and Solutions

On 6th August 1945 at 8.15 a.m. an Uranium 235 bomb blasted on Hiroshima Japan. This bursted 2000 feet above Earth surface. School going children have not reached school. People have reached their work place. Some people are on their way. Some people were only taking morning tea, within a minute there was a hue and cry and chaos everywhere. All most 40000 people were wounded and were in a very bad condition and thousand died.   Second bomb was blasted on 9th August 1945 at 11 a.m.This was a platinum 230. This killed 24000 people. Nothing was left in these cities. Buildings within two kilometers radius collapsed. Not only that its radio active effect of bomb has affected coming generations also. Children were born with congenital handicap.   Radioactive elements are used for the purpose of medical treatment, agriculture and industries and in the process of doing so some part is released which pollutes the atmosphere and becomes radioactive pollution. This type of pollution affects not only those who uses it but is harmful for general public.   Technology of nuclear energy is dangerous. This is a technique of boiling water which creates tons of poison.   People who are working in this field take precautions, but some human mistake is always possible which causes dangerous result.   There are many sources of radio active pollution of atmosphere. For instance purification of radio active elements can cause pollution.The factories who are using radio active elements, uranium and thorium mines, factories of metals, atomic reactors chemical factories spread radio active rays. Radio active elements are used as tracer in medical science, agriculture, power plants and atomic blasts. It is spread by blast, by heat, by gama ray & radio active elements.   This radiation has two types of effects on our body both internal and external. Internal effect is produced by alfa, beta and gama rays whereas the external problems is created by only gama rays.The affected parts of body are  bones, liver, kidney, pancreas, brain,muscles and ovary.  

Chart of Radio Active Elements & their radiation release period:

Radio Active Elements Radiation release period
Uranium (238) 4.49 x 10 yrs
Dhorium (232) 1.39 x 10 yrs
Rubidium (87) 6.1 x 10 yrs
Carbon (14) 1.62 x 10 yrs
Cegium (137) 33 yrs
Strastium (90) Strastium (90)
Crypton (85) 10 yrs
Cobalt (60) 10 yrs
Illinium (1470) 2.2 yrs
Uropium (155) 1.7yrs
Manganese (54) 1 year
  In the above table crypton is harmless. It’s gas is inactive and does not come down in the atmosphere. Rest all are harmfull and pollutes the atmosphere. Most harmful are strastium (90) Cegium (137) and Rubidium (87). These radio active isotopes settles in the earth and harms animals and human beings. If there is a nuclear war in any part  of the world, the whole world is going to suffer.   A child inherits 24 chromosomes from his father and 24 chromosomes from his mother. Radioactive effect on mother or father will affect the child. Hence there is a need for total ban on use of such elements.Otherwise in the coming time lakhs and lakhs of children will suffer from mental retardation, hymophylia, physical handicap etc.

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