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Tantra Plant

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Tantra Plant

It has been proved several times that nature possess supernatural and mysterious elements.Many types of plants and trees only confirm fact that nature is wonderful. Thousands of years ago our ancestors have divided the living beings in four types:  
  • Andaja (those who are born of eggs).
  • Pindaja (those who are born as lumps).
  • Swedeja (swed means sweat born out of Seats).
  • Udveja (born as sprouts from inside the Earth).
  This is known as trees and plants or vegetation.   In tantra shastra the power of Goddess is worshipped. Japa is most important. In tantra shashtra vanaspati is very important medium to perform specific worships. This is done to cure diseases, to hypnotise people and even to do evil of people.  
We see different varieties of grass, plants and trees in our life . Every plant has a different effect and this is its natural quality. We know about grass, grass is consumed by animals. It gives them nutrition and as a result animal gives more milk. Tantriks have done research and invested many tantric applications also.Vegetation is easily available and tantric community  has
taken the opportunity of using them. They use them to cure a person.    

Hence tantra is not harmful. Tantra shashtra has been originated in order to protect human beings from different fears like disease, enemy, etc. Tantra gives a person security in life and also prosperity. It is a pure form of worship. Tantra sadhana has four fold aims dharma, artha, kama, moksha.



Tantra sadhana is also technical. Tantrik mantras are brief but their effect is great.The development of a state depends on technology and salvation of human being depends on tantra. Vaidik mantra to worship Vishnu is:-



Apart from the special use, tantra is applied in a regular life in smaller ways but even it remains very effective and makes our life happy.


There are many herbal plants and trees which are used in the process of tantra. These herbal plants are used in the tantra process to cure home problems, work related problems, child birth problems, for self defence, for welfare, for wealth, for mental peace and other purposes. We should not only save these plants but we should grow these tantra plants in large number, so as to have peace and prosperity in our lives.

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