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Plantation Types

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Plantation Types

Astrology has a deep connection
with plants and vegetation. Plants and human-being both are lively and
closely connected with each other. Plants have got the magical power to
cure all our problems whether it is financial, mental or health related.

We know astrology is an arithmetic. It is calculated and astrological
forecast is based on these calculations. If facts are correct and
calculations are correct the predictions ought to be correct.

As stated earlier, astrology is deeply connected with plants and vegetation.
Plants play extremely important role in our life. Every part of plant
or tree i.e. roots, trunk, leaves, flowers, fruits and wood all have
great importance. It is a great source of income. Person who
does plantation ought to have prosperity, peace on Earth and also goes
to heaven, this is what our scriptures says.

Astrology also prescribes particular types of plantation so that
we can minimise the negative effect of planetary problems on human
being. We must plant graham nakshatra batika (plants and stars garden).
This will not only give us good life, it is a service to the whole
society and country. In Hindu scripture worship of trees are done and
we believe the fact that nature is closely related with planets and
stars. That is why Ayurved acharya should have thorough knowledge of

In astrology a particular precious stone is prescribed for
particular physical problems, this curbs sinful effect and helps
attaining good luck. Gems are used in preparing medicines also. These
are all well described in the text of ayurveda. But gems are
expensive and it is quite hard for common people to afford it. On the
other hand particular trees and plants are easily available and are
affordable and equally effective. These trees have some invisible and
magical power like gems.

We provide astrological plantation consultancy for the following:

  • On the basis of your Sun-sign.
  • On the basis of your Date of Birth.
  • On the basis of Naksatra
  • On the basis of your Planetary position.
  • Friendly Trees on the basis of horoscope.
  • Trees for wealth on the basis of horoscope.
  • Trees for health on the basis of horoscope.

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