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Mission Vision Values

Mission Vision Values

Vision of plantation India

Our vision is to plant no less than 125 crore tress/plants all through the nation by 2020. We anticipate a future where this place that is known for our own might honey bee secured with the rich greenery of a huge assortment of trees, plants, creepers, greeneries, herbs..


Values that appreciate

Claimed situated in INDIA, utilizations condition benevolent plants which are chosen by the atmosphere and the area. Our group conveys these life-sparing plants, benefits neighborly plants, giving the chance to claim a business with a safe monetary future as per an all around arranged example.


We offer liberal impetuses to draw away the agriculturists from the city.


Mahatma Gandhi had expressed that the improvement of India lay in the towns. In the event that each rancher grows 25 trees, he gets salary from the natural products in addition to the estimations of the wood of a 5 years of age tress is about Rs 50,000/ – . We convey the plants, set them with direction and discussion and catch up with normal upkeep.


Mission- to restore wealth

Permeated with a feeling of reason, Owned thoroughly submits itself to greening the country – and the globe. At the end of the day, may this ‘sone ki chidiya’ recuperate its lost greatness. That can be conceivable when each agriculturist winds up noticeably prosperous; when the towns end up plainly autonomous focuses of wealth. The splendid youthful children of ranchers ought not try to getting to be architects or specialists; they ought to be pleased to stay agriculturist! A designer eventually goes into administrations with an occupation. The honorable men agriculturist possesses arrive, rules the create and the sustenance markets of the urban communities.


Values based growth

The Founder Menter Dr. Rajendra Dubey, in the genuine convention of the rishis of yore, got motivation from the logical Vedas. He accumulated a couple of companions and relatives and held the initially Plantation India meeting in a sanctuary in 1985. Today, Green India Plantation has various merchants in more than 20 states.


The trees disseminated will change as per the area and nature of land Hillsides or low lying land required distinctive trees. The trees or plants change from:


(1) Timber-lodging and furniture review {India is biggest market for timber particularly In Saharanpur and Kanpur}.

(2) Natural product trees { profits by the foods grown from the ground, the wood}.

(3) Blossoming bushes {rose petals are qualities at Rs 2000/kilo by 5 star lodgings and marriage planners}.

(4) restorative plants {Multi national corporates offer high cost for these}.


The land remains yours; the trees turn into yours; the benefits turn into yours; the sapling, enrollment and follow-up are our own.

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