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House and all luxorius things are dead in nature, it becomes lively only with live things like plants and human beings. Plants and human-being both are lively and closely connected with each other. Plants have got the magical power to cure all our problems whether financial, mental or health related.


Vastu shastra or the science of vastu is related to building of house and plot of land. The Lord of this science is Brahma and it tells us the precautions which should be taken while building the house and it what way the plot of land should be used. It is said that vastu shashtra prevents many problems that a house owner may face. This may be in the form of physical or mental disease. This is called Vastu dosh (difficulties as a result of vastu).


To prevent vastu dosh trees and plants are used. Our sages have given solutions to each problem. The type of plants which should be planted in a household is written in our literature.


Even in vastu shastra there are directives of plantation. It is necessary to do plantation before a house. It prevents dust and fumes and also prevents sound pollution. Planting a bat (banyan) tree and mango tree makes our foretakers happy. Bat tree is always a centre of respect. Abhay bat of prayag, siddha bat of Ujjain, panch bat of Nasik, Bodhi bat of Gaya, Kabir bat of Bharuch, Bansi bat of Vrindavan are the centres of respect and worship.

Palash tree gives us glory of Brahma,Manlastree multiplies our family, champa tree gives us good luck, bhagwan Shankar stays in bel briksha, Kair tree prevents disease and adds to well being, arjun tree is medicine for heart disease.Kadamba is associated with Sri Krishna leela, chandan is the symbol of peace. Srifal or coconut gives us riddhi siddhi and neem prevents disease. To worship Sun we should plant neem. Every one knows the benefit of tulsi and neem.


Plantation according to Vastu:-
We must plant ashok, anar, anwala, pakur in the North direction of the house. Gular, jamun in the south, bat, white aak in the east, papal, amaltas, bel moulasri in the west. Vayabya direction neem plant and in the Ishan direction tulsi, kela, aswagandha, nariyal. In the ahneya and nairect direction there should not be any plantation. There should not be any tree in the main door. Haldi, arendi, gwarpatha should not be planted inside the house. It can be planted in the boundaries. In the western boundary aam, bans, babool, vajradanti, amrita, mehendi, kathal, arjun, shami , shami, tilak, champa, nariyal, supari, should be planted . It should be planted at a distance.



The house decorated with the above mentioned trees get blessings of Goddess of Wealth ‘Laxmiji’.



‘Nimb, Ashok, Punnag, Shirish, Priyangu etc which are grown in orchard and houses, presence of these trees make your surroundings pleasent and positive.’


Kashyap has also denoted trees like Champak, Udumber, Parijatak in Brahmasanhita and has agreed to grow these trees at temples, orchards, gardens and houses.


Agnipuran has also denoted this system in his literature. It has elaborated with some more details. It has supported to grow trees in some different directions –


“For the welfare of home, office and our surroundings we should plant Vastu Trees and in order to make them lively and peacefully.”

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