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For Farmers

For Farmers:  
Integrating trees in the farming system is an insurance against crop losses and also helps in preserving the environment.  Thus, tree based farming system is good in the larger interest of the farming community and environment. However, farmers do not perceive it that way, as they have to wait before the trees start yielding.  Hence, the role of implementing agency becomes very crucial in motivating farmers to practice the same.   Forestry plants can be planted along the boundaries of fields. The forestry plants need to include fuel wood species like timber species, teak, silver oak, dalbergia etc. Sesbania, erythrina, subabul, moringa yield good quality fodder, thus sustaining dairy activities. Biomass produced from forestry plants can be used as raw material for producing vermicompost and applied to the field.  This helps to reduce the application of chemical fertilisers and thus reducing the emission of nitrous oxide to the atmosphere. Above all soil erosin is prevented by the trees.   The leaves that fall from the trees turn into organic manure. The food required by the domestic animals can be procured from these plants.   The farmers should wisely plant such trees which will prevent the soil from getting eroded and the same time provide to be commercial crops which will give monetary returns.

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