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Home Clinical Sense


In our country there has been a practice of a joint family, from which we can get knowledge of Ayurveda in one generation and pass it on from generation to generation. The smallest problem was that he would have been cured. There was a clinical sense in the elderly women of the house, seeing her face gesture she understood and we could get home treatment without speaking. As winter is cold, then pour our ginger salt into our tea without ours.Grandmother teaches us the ways to fight the troubles-struggles in life through tales, through which it comes naturally to the stamina and power of facing challenges in the children’s mind. In fact, this is the mental immunization done through stories towards the difficult and adverse conditions that come naturally in future life.

Nowadays, both husbands and wives work with their children in flats in big cities. Everybody gets frightened when there is a problem. It is necessary to pay attention to what Ayurveda was and how it was. At home, we have spices or juice, seasonal vegetables, fruits or hot turmeric milk. Headache, abdominal pain, bad cough, hiccup, toothache, mouth ulcers, earache, sore throats, thorns, itching, burns, scalp, massage of children, or cleanliness everything has a home remedy. When the sunshine of the house (lamp of light) is given both times, like the evening time, the time of light given is done by burning the cow’s domestic ghee on the cow dung, in which many types of vegetation are added to the sun .There are many diseases that cause other diseases. By which the bacteria and viruses are exhausted, all this continued in the house without speaking. There was positivity in the house. But now everything is changing. Today the chemicals of incense burners are burnt. You have been asked to be cautious about yourself and to respect yourself, which will inspire you to lead a complete lifestyle. We often know what is happening in the world around us, how people are behaving and how their behavior is affecting us. We are also aware of the political changes in the world. We are also aware of earthquakes, floods and other such incidents. But we cannot get acquainted with our changes, shifting, deformation etc. In other words, all this description is to awaken consciousness inside your physical and mental level. The second purpose of self-inspection is to be conscious of yourself. Everything in the universe is connected to each other and all the developments go with a rhythm with which you should make every effort to stay in the rhythm. To follow this cosmic music, first you have to establish good relations with your physical and mental existence. After this, you have to reconcile with your close world and the vast environment. Pure environment, trees remove mental pollution. Some people suppress the natural impulses due to busyness, negligence or idleness. Often people do not wake up thinking of what others would think of for the retirement of natural impulses between meetings for several hours. If such impulses need to be stopped for hours then the consequences can be very fatal. Charak has written that “ Pandits, employees, city-bride and businessmen are often sick, they always press on the intense natural impulses, do not eat food at the time, they go to waste and go unexpectedly. . Other people who behave like this cannot be healthy. ” People are often forced to suppress those impulses that cannot be suppressed. In this way, they are inviting diseases and making their age smaller. Between their very busy races, they want them to stay for a moment and ask yourself – “Why am I doing all this? Why am I doing all this life-threatening work? What is the meaning of running behind achievements, progress, etc. when life is in danger (due to diseases) and age is decreasing? Remember, life’s first priority should be life. When life ended, everything was over. The brain, covered with covetous clouds, forgets that we will not always remain on this earth named Ram, Mohan, Radha, Kamala, Shyam etc. Our stay here is not permanent, it is temporary. Therefore, instead of struggling for big pleasures, it is wise to find happiness in small pleasures of life only. Journey of life cannot take us far away, it is limited. It is similar to doing a climb in the mountains. The purpose of the journey is to enjoy the natural beauty, not only to reach the goal.

There is an important place of nature-worship in all religious and medical works of ancient civilizations. It was a way of living with nature, becoming a part of it, expressing his gratitude towards him and recognizing his connection to the universe.

Fatigue is not a disease in itself, but if it is not removed, it can lead to many serious health problems. Different types of pain, especially headache, pain of migraines, waist pain etc. If fatigue is persistent then it makes the body so weak that the possibility of external infection increases and the normal ability of the body to get rid of disease decreases. In addition fatigue gives rise to anger and irritability. It does not look good on the life around you, as well as stomach ulcers, stiffness or other endogenous diseases in any part of the body. Due to fatigue, the synergy between the senses is disturbed. This increases the apprehensions of accidents. The pain of migraines is often in the middle of the half-head, the eye, the jaw and the monkey. In the mind of migraines, it often gets settled that this pain can never go away. But its real medical practice is to destroy the causes of the disease. Migraines or other chronic pain such as embryology (leg pain – sciatica), shoulder pains, etc. are the symptoms of any disease. Whom we ignore these symptoms should be taken seriously so as to avoid the attack on the health of the disease. For many reasons, it becomes chronic disease, such as accumulated body fatigue, mental stress, imbalance in the trials and decreases the energy of the body and the person becomes weak. As if you are suffering from light indigestion but do not care and go to parties, take dinner and maybe even have heavy meals. This will increase indigestion, you will suffer from fatigue, but then you will not be able to relax. In this way you did not pay attention to comfort, food and medicine. In the meantime, you can meet someone, you may have to work late for the night or you can remain mentally imbalanced. This will tire you more and your body will start depleting energy. Your pitta and maybe vata will become even more contaminated because you have a stomach disorder. If this happens, then your strength will decrease every day and in the end your body will start to oppose it. If you are attacked by the old migraines or Sathikaas then it is actually caused by your weakness and the body expresses your opposition in the form of pain. Some people suffer from back pain, neck, shoulder, arm or wrist pain, which can have many causes. The wrong posture of sitting, tension, excessive exertion, anxiety, inability, etc. are the main reasons for these pain. Sometimes, some people feel stiffness in some part of the body due to stress. Some people wear tight and high heeled shoes, the pressure that comes from them causes pain in knees, ankles etc. The pain of the wrist and shoulders often occurs even during unhealthy circumstances. Like some people do not like their work and they remain unhappy and dissatisfied. So they feel like this kind of pain. In the millions of cases of environmental pollution, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the challenge of health, we have become so conservative. Due to a crowd in Delhi, it starts suffocating in the carriage. Those people who run cars for hours, are compelled to withstand this polluted environment. Due to excessive carbon dioxide, lead particle, and lack of oxygen due to such a dirty environment, various types of diseases and germs of bacteria grow. The incubation of cosmopolitan life above which increases the burden of the person. The situation is similar to Tokyo, Mexico City, Cairo, Istanbul, New York, Bangkok, Jakarta and other metros in the world. The highest force in the Ayurvedic tradition has been given to relieve stress and pressure and to deal directly with the situation has been said. Vaidya and the Gnanis believe that the effects of anxiety, grief, pressure, helplessness, fear, etc are very dangerous – they develop serious diseases. These thorns that will pierce and injure. On the basis of this logic, an attempt is made to open it openly on the death of someone’s soul, so that he will not be hurt inwardly. For this purpose, many types of rituals are organized on such occasions. Through them, the families of the deceased are given full experience of their departure and this experience is also done that no one will be here forever. Everyone has to go like this one or the other day. In this entire system of medicine, rituals that are occurring on many social, religious and spiritual occasions also alert us about what are ours and what are our different aspects of this earth-dwelling? All these rituals are related to various aspects of health-protection. For example, the celebration that is celebrated on the fetus is to realize that special nutrients are given to the woman. There are many religious ceremonies after the birth of a child, in which preparation of medicines for the purification of the uterus, preparation of milk for women and the removal of weakness etc. When a person escapes danger, there is a tradition of offering celebrations. What does all this mean? In addition to expressing gratitude to the cosmic energy to give life, this festival also gives the near relieving experience of the shock of the day that they have to face when life becomes threatened. Only by experiencing full consciousness, hidden fears can be brought up and salvation can be obtained from them. The five ornaments are worshiped in some form. In this work pilgrimages also contribute. All these events are done to show the consciousness of life, to reflect its continuous variability and to relate our traditional reliance with external world. We are all organisms world and are part of all the amazing things that make it. The purpose of worship of water, trees, earth, sky, air, sun, we have to realize the truth about how and how we all exist in this entire environment. Its aim is to create harmony between ‘internal’ and ‘external’. Like Gulab, Jasmine, Lily, Chandan etc. are known all over the world. The tasteful and subtle aromas are not so popular in the world of Lyndon, Shirish and lemon, Sangtare etc. but they are highly stimulating and emotional. The person is a complete entity in itself and is a part of the constantly changing and dynamic world. Humans can not live in pieces. A person who does not even have time to sit and enjoy food, is not often sensitive to other aspects of life.

In Yajurveda, jewelry has been described as removing impotence. By wearing ornaments, the body and mind are protected from evil spirits. According to Ayurveda, the nature of gold is hot and silver is soft. Therefore, if silver ornaments are held in gold and silver in the head, the power produced from the head will go downwards and the cold light of the feet will pull it towards it.

According to Sushruta, the first surgeon of the world, if there is an ear piercing in the ears, or if gold or zinc earrings are worn, then there is no possibility of intravenous intestines, rash in ribs. The person is easy to spot if they are wearing some kind of necklace in the neck. Silver ring and gold ring helps to prevent digestive disorders and phlegm-related disorders. Get rid of the waist and back pains with the hip bands. Nath(Nose ring), Bali(ear ring ), helps to protect from diseases. In order to remove menstrual disorders Ladies wear more jewelry  than men. Wearing of anklebands helps relieve the heel and knee pain. Indeed, jewelry holdings have an indirect connection with acupressure and acupuncture.

Women’s jewelry is prepared in such a way that they not only refine their beauty but produce attractive sounds. Men recognize their mother, sister or wife as the difference between the voices of her ornaments, bangles, earrings, earrings etc. Therefore, the production of ornaments has not been made only for the purpose of increasing the beauty of the woman, but the characteristics of producing beautiful and attractive sounds are also contained therein. When the woman throws her saree over her shoulder repeadly, her bangles create a clinking noise. This makes the husband realise the presence of his loved wife. Today there is excessive work efficiency in life, stress, pressure and lots of races. There is no room for free flow in life. No longer have the time left to enjoy the zooming trees, blossoming flowers, twinkling birds, the burning of water and the beauty of the air, the rising moon and the hidden sun, no mentality. Those who live in metropolitan cities do not know the art and dates of the moon, they often work in artificial light and artificial climate in closed areas. Lifestyle is suche that they do not believe in visiting their peers and dear ones. They spend their lives only in indulging in selfish entertainment. The natural beauty and emotionalism of meeting two peers is nowhere in the scope! Like every Saturday, they go for shopping, in order to get happiness, a certain and pre-determined sequence has to be tied up, because people are not in leisure and their life style is full of busy schedules. There is a complete lack of concentration, newness and imagination in people, they are now accepting the pleasure of a machine action which will be fulfilled according to them. The ‘Switch On’ or ‘switch of’ approach has come home.

Even today, the elderly and sensible women of the family keep all the information about health measures, the methods of affection, the yoga-medicines and all the information related to disease prevention and diseases of the disease. The truth is that Ayurveda is present in Indian families today thanks to the virtue of keeping the tradition of Indian women alive.

There are three types of medical methods in Ayurveda – logical, psychological and spiritual. The type of prevention method we are considering at this time is the third type. Spiritual meaning is in our current context with our inner energy or self-power (it can also say spiritual energy). Self-power is indestructible and comes in contact with infinite and omnipresent cosmic energy which can be used for eradication of disease. When you get into the practice of  talking to one part of your body, you will find out all the problems that are responsible for the disease affecting them. A consciousness should be inside you for the patient part and you should take special care of it all the time. You will learn to find the cause of your problems. Gradually you will see that you have got to know yourself well and body will respond to you well. Then you will feel like you have re-learned yourself in a way.

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