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Climate change

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Climate change


Given the increasing controversy surrounding the environment, and due to dwindling availability, it cannot be denied that the environment is the most important element affecting development. As the availability of natural resources decreases, the screams of achieving all the scales of development will grow as much. Therefore, there is a priority to increase the availability and availability of natural resources. Where there was no flood and drought, they would be marked as new ‘drought area’ and ‘flood zone’. Clearly, due to all these reasons inflation will increase. On the other hand, changes in the nature of plants and organisms will change due to climate change. Many species will disappear. Humans will also become victims of diseases such as Lou, Cholera, Japanese fever and epidemics. These assessments are from the inter-governmental panel formed on climate change. Today, more than 70 per cent of the country’s area is compelled to live in the shadow of Chakraborty storm and tsunami feared. While about 60 per cent of the population suffers from earthquake fever.


Apart from this, more than 12 per cent of the area is surrounded by floods. Nearly half of the country has to suffer a loss of 7.8 billion dollars. Whereas together with the disasters, our country carries a loss of 9.8 billion dollars. This is considerable. Drought first came sometime. Now every year will come Somewhere or more or less, but it will definitely come to be decided. It is now the regular companion of BharatGhoghiki. So instead of calling them disaster, instead of saying disaster, the annual order will be called. The reason is the same that the drought is now more than the sky, has come to our mind. We have emptied the stomach of the earth so that now we, our wells, our handpumps and our fields have started boiling in 10-20% less rainfall. The truth is that we have become impotent. Due to the pride of the pocket, we have got the trust of machine, dam, canal and river addition more than water harvesting structures. These are the inverse work Рthe inverted picture. Due to this, the side effects of drought will not decrease, but will increase. If happiness is needed even in the dry, then we have to make the picture straight. Even after drying, hayatuba raises or eating budget, the picture will not be straightforward. Rather than fear of drought, you have to learn to live with them. This will happen only when we learn the discipline of use. Fodder and cattle work in drought. Save them and grow them.We have everything: low water crops, lifestyle, knowledge, millions of ponds, lakes, thousands of river nerves, spongy, glorious dark acupuncture. If we learn to use them properly and conserve them, then there will never be a need to panic in the drought.


An effect on climate change will be that the flowers will blossom in such a time when not to bloom. We can not be surprised if crops are cooked before or after the scheduled time. According to Dr Glen Morris, chief researcher of the University of Florida, due to increasing temperature, poisoned sea algae called gambiardics is increasing.


In the 2010 Global Climate Crisis Index, India is among the first ten countries. Due to the increase in temperature, soil moisture, efficiency will be affected. Salinity will increase. Biodiversity will decrease. Soil erosion will increase with the flood; Drought will result in barrenness. Summer insect is helpful in fertility. So insects and diseases will increase. As a result, the use of pesticides will increase, which will eventually lead to our illness. Unregulated farming will be directly effective. The uneven terrain will first come in crisis. In unorganized areas, farmers will demand irrigation. In irrigated areas, demand for irrigation will increase, as the availability will decrease. Rice production in India will be 6 to 7 percent by 2020, in wheat 5 to 6 percent potato and 3 to 4 percent reduction in soybean. On the other hand, population growth will increase the demand for food content. Food security will decrease, poverty will increase, suicides will increase, china- will increase sharply, crime will increase, trends will get distorted. The poorest of the poor, fishermen, farmers and tribals living on the forest. In terms of carbon emissions, India has only three percent of the world’s carbon-space, whereas developed countries of the world have taken 74 percent of the carbon-space in its grip. On seeing some of the events of climate change, many cities in the south, including Chennai, are facing the flood, while in some areas of typical desert countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, so much rains have happened in two or four hours. That there can not be even a year.

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