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Corporate social responsibility


In a survey of the World Health Organization Year 2014, it has been speculated that out of the twenty most polluted cities in the world, thirteen cities are in India. WHO also said that air pollution is one of the major causes of famine deaths in India. Due to diseases related to this, there are 6,20,000 deaths in India every year. There are about 4 lakh 70 thousand industrial units in the world, they are blowing up the smoke so that alone they are having twenty million deaths. It is extremely worrisome that air pollution is killing six lakh people every year in India and six million people worldwide.This area is in an emergency. Nine out of ten people are breathing in such an air that is harming their health.The ratio of gases in the atmosphere of the cities of the country is deteriorating and there is no vigilance about it. Observe the data, in recent years the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased and the amount of contaminated gases has increased. The amount of carbon dioxide has increased by about twenty-five percent. New research suggests that the weight of babies born from pregnant women living in air polluted areas is less than normal infants. This is revealed by the ‘Environmental Health Prospective’ study in more than three million newborns in nine countries. According to research, infants of low weight at the time of birth have to face various problems related to health. That is to increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.


The Policy Commission says that in the thirty-two districts of the country, there is water crisis, while the World Bank says there is water problem in forty-eight percent of the areas in which twenty-four percent water has become poisonous. Rain water conservation and proper water management are the only two options. Rivers have become the dumping ground of trash.


The main reason is to use plenty of underground water. Once called the Green Revolution, it increased the grain production, but simultaneously made us dependent on an agricultural system in which water is highly needed. Due to continuous fall of ground water level, there is a shortage of water, on the other hand, water is increasing in salinity. Research study of ‘Water Aid’ institution has been showing that ground water levels in the more than four hundred districts of the country are constantly becoming poisonous. Dangerous chemicals have been found to be dangerous for life such as Lorraine, arsenic, nitrate, iron, lead, sodium, cadmium and chromium in all these areas. The most serious truth is that this truth is not a new truth for all these areas and also that there is no other option of drinking water available. Underlining the above, how dangerous the deadly chemicals are, the brief assessment of this reference is enough to reach a surprising conclusion. It is really necessary to tell this here. Lead is such a dangerous chemical that due to this the body parts of our bodies stop functioning, and due to this, brain-related diseases also make their camps. Nitrate-like poisonous chemicals enable brain disorders, dementia, blue baby syndrome, gastric cancer, and diseases of the heart and lungs. Life is impossible without water. Water is one of the five fundamental elements, which proves the significance of the truth of life. Today’s water crisis is the text of yesterday’s bitter truth.


The truth is that the ground is really rock solid. Water is not even within the soil, and as much as it remains, it has become poisonous. Poaching of the groundwater of the country is such a bitter truth, which is more serious than the truth. It is necessary that we still awake.


Are you worrying? When will we wake up?

We did not get tired of singing the virtues of Bharat Mata, today the soil is tired. Due to human insinuation, swollen, flower, brocade, bronze earth is becoming barren. Only the indiscriminate consumption of water is happening around the water, water recharge is not nominated. Forests are being ruthlessly cut, nobody is worrying about planting. Industrial units are germinating the poison of global warming. Clean, breathable air has become ‘air’ nowadays! There is dust-smoke and bulging noise around. If the man’s selfish and mental deformity has grown in the name of success and development, then it is only the biological imbalance! Human beings are being exploited with the same ‘negligence’ as they are ‘necessary’ of the innate material available. In order to deal with this ax on our own feet, we must first plant ideological seeds in the hearts of those who will feel the greenery of condensation and the smile of nature will unfold.


Today, we make a play of saving the environment, demonstrating our importance by protesting on the streets by taking a symbolic rally. After which begins – a large gathering, in the airtight hall, where sit-ups take care of forests and wild animals, and tired and mutilated, forcibly cloak Nilkanth poisonous human beings today need to follow Krishna.


There is a lot to do with the environment for everyone. If you are with us then the tree plantation work will be running at a high speed and we and our society will be free of pollution.

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