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Success Stories



Few Success Stories

Plantation India & Green India Plantation (Dr. Rajendra Dubey)

With implementation of Horticulture Mission in Indore Madhyapradesh State there has been a significant improvement in production and productivity which has ultimately resulted in changing the financial scenario of the farming community. Besides economic up liftment, Horticulture Mission has directly and indirectly contributed for social reforms. The success stories reflected hereunder are categorized in two categories: (A) Economic upliftment of farmers (B) Social reforms in the community.


(A) Economic upliftment of Barren Land :

(1) Impact of Diversification:


Under Technology Mission, a small area of 1/8th acre of land was brought under cultivation of mixed breed of seeds as Neem,Babool, in a village near Indore on the outskirts of city. Assistance under Horticulture Mission was provided to the beneficiary . With the continuous guidance of our plant development department, the farmer emerged as a leading plant grower who earned local greenery awards.


Starting from a meagre land of 1/8th acre of land, now the entire land of 40 Acre and the adjacent villages have adopted cultivation of above plants which has now touched around 40 acres of land in the vicinity. The annual income of the farmer per acre is about 5 lacs as compared to 20,000/-to 25,000/- prior to adoption of diversification.


The farmers in the vicinity have also started harvesting the benefits of diversification and as such it has contributed for the upliftment of the economy of the area.


Under Horticulture Mission awareness camps are being conducted regularly. The impact of awareness camps motivated some of the growers to adopt the scientific approach for Canopy and Basin management. One of such farmers namely, he adopted the canopy and Basin management as per guidance of the department.

The impact of the canopy management has been significant. Prior to such management techniques there was hardly any fruit bearing in the orchard, but after adoption of canopy management techniques the orchard started bearing and presently the grower is earning about Rs.8.00 lacs per hectare.This is likely to be get enhanced in future years, This technique has now been adopted by the entire village, which has resulted in financial gains to the farmers.


(2) Impact of Creation of water sources:

Water Storage Tank and Plantation


Assured irrigation has helped in attaining 100% survival of plants at such locations where the normal survival rate is about 50%.he has started earning revenue from such land which was not yielding any significant returns to him.



Providing assistance under Horticulture Mission has significantly contributed for social reforms. One of such examples was noticed in Jabalpur districts where the inhabitants were habitual of smuggling timber from nearby forests. The land they were possessing was not being attended by them properly. Under the area expansion program of Horticulture Mission, the Police Horticulture Department provided assistance and the land was brought under forestry plantation. It is being observed that attention of such persons is getting diverted towards horticulture activities. Some of the plantation in such areas has started bearing fruit. The impact of Horticulture Mission as such will be more prominent in the future years, when the plants come in full bearing. We expect that there will be a complete shift towards horticulture in such areas.
Nearly 50 Lack plants were planted around Jabalpur city. With Local Govt.Assistance


Chief Minister Sh. Shivrajsingh Chouhan inaugurating the Plantation movement in Jabalpur .

Research done for the development of chemical free Dhoop in replacement of traditional agarbatti by Dr . Rajan Dubey


Development of chemical free Dhoop in replacement of traditional agarbatti by Dr . Rajan Dube
Green India is my Passion …
Dr. Rajan Dube has more than 30 years of experience in the development of natural resources for the plant development, eco system , cow breed development, Indian traditional Yajna , Home and havan from ecological , Health and Pollution prevention . Development of Vermin-compost . He has been awarded the prestigious “The Guinness Books of World Record “ in his own Name in the year 2015 .
He is also author on Astrology and palmistry .He has written ore than 40 Books published from the national capital.
Socio -Legal Consultant-
• Prestige Group.
• Metalman Industries Ltd.
• SoniIspat Ltd.
• Amulya Export Ltd.
• Prestige Education Society.
• Sampurna Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
• Pumarth Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Greenry and Plantation Advisor-
jabalpur Prashashan +municipal corporation +Jabalpur Police
50 Lakh Plantation done , year 2017
• Rama Construction Pvt. Ltd. (Planted over 25000 trees).
• Vino Infra-tech Pvt. Ltd. (Planted over 20000 trees)
• Chiron Metco Ltd. (Planted over 35000 trees)
• Prestige Education Society. (Planted over 25000 trees)
• The Daly College, Indore, (Planted over 10000 trees)
• Ahilyya Goshala consultancy.research on cow products & Bio fertilizers.
Prakriti, Pariyavaran and virksharopand.
Astrology, Vedas, Biodiversity, Astrological Plants, Tantra Plants, Vastu Plants, Environmental Pollution, Air Pollution, Chemical Pollution, Modern Pollution, Water Pollution, Pond, Deepak, Yagya, Bramin, Aroma Plants, Rehabilitation, Mental Pollution, Domestic Pollution Social Associations-
PrarabdhDarpan (1980-Till Date)
Shri VedManthan (1991- Till Date)
Sahayata Organization
Press Club Indore.

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