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Devaashrya Dhoop Yagya Havan Samagri.

A/C NO. : - 0359201051994

IFSC : - CNRB0000359

Indore siyaganj branch.

Indore Madhya Pradesh - 452001.

Advantage with us


Time invested by you in traditional plantation is reduced money invested by you has maximum return/year.

Eg:. plantation – consultation
Herbs & medical plants
Aromatic plantation

Live stock plantation – cheaper alternatives for …
… by product – packing …. Plantation
Yagya plantation – Pooja product.,plantation for Air Purification , city wide plantation .

you shall be connected to nature as a whole .Your organisation shall be edged and crowned with Green revolution .in the perspective of total health wealth ,Knowledge , wisdom and at last mental peace .What you are going to invest is just 2 % of total turn over as mandated b GOI However the return on Investment is fastest * ( —- —– —– —- Link) Varieties in Research :


Rama Contractors Ltd :

85 acres of Land with only stony floor ,totally vet land with no crop produced in last 100 years ,The site has been carefully carved soaked with Landfills and natural waterways ,A right balance has to be found with a combination of host soil, soil types, watering and nutrient requirements, after proper conditioning the challenge we have spend almost 3 years perfecting. Now it is lush green with a commercially produced over more than 125 different varieties of plants .


KalpaDrumTeak :

This is a semi tall variety with sweet tender nut water and with higher resistance to root (wilt) disease of teak wood root shoots . It comes to flowering by 54 months from planting. Its annual yield is 87 Cu Feet/yr, 1. In root (wilt) disease affected tracts, it gives an annual yield 65 nuts/palm. The quantity of tender nut water is 290ml. This is released as a variety for tender set and for cultivation in root shoots . It took nearly 3 years Till date nearly 50 Lakh of root shoots have been released for commercial plantation

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